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Establishing and improving production standards

Catherine Watkinson

TMC Food Limited is a Wiltshire based consultancy and mentoring service whose primary aim is to support the Food & Beverage industry in the UK, Europe and Worldwide.  With experience in many different categories within the industry and working with all customer areas – UK and European Retailers, Wholesale and Foodservice – we can offer extensive experience and knowledge of customer requirements, codes of practice and audit measurements. 

With more than 20 years experience in the industry, we can respond to your everyday requirements with a hands on, professional approach. Businesses have rapidly changing demands and expectations and we can offer support at demanding times, undertake pre-audit assessments, follow up audit non conformances, offer advice on crisis and business continuity programmes, undertake training and mentoring and develop quality and food safety systems.

We want to help our clients improve the quality and efficiency of their food business to meet increasing customer and regulatory requirements. Our technical packages range from day consultancy to weekly repeat visits, monthly inspections and assessments.

Whether your business is small/medium just starting out or an established business requiring additional support we can offer the service you need.

Our specialist food safety consultancy business is there for your peace of mind.